Video Terlambat Menang Pertandingan!

Alhamdulillah. Sole winner.

Without my @peersuitms3 family, this Terlambat 1.0 video will not emerge. I am grateful to every each one of them that contribute to the video, directly or indirectly.
Thank you again, BaCAS. And again, special thanks to my crew and fellow supporters.

Do watch my 2nd video, Terlambat Raya in my Instagram or @peersuitms3 Instagram or in my Facebook.

Director signing off.

Short Film Terlambat,
Badan PEERs Kaunselor UiTM Seremban.
• • •
#EzRepost @officialbacas with @repostigapp
Heartiest congratulations to our sole winner!!! Kindly DM us for gift's redemption! #UiTMS3NakBeraya

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