Tugasan Thaipusam: 6 Jam Dalam Batu Caves

Thaipusam Duty.

One of the most tiring and challenging duty I have ever faced.

13 hours of duty. (6 hours inside Batu Caves)

Giving first aid treatment for about 20-30 people.

Faced many kinds of sickness and injury such as collapse, faint, dizzy, vomit, epilepsy, serious muscle cramp, gastric, SOB (Short of Breath) etc. No casualties and resus (resustication) occured.

Did jobs like transfering patient using folding stretcher, from the middle of the sea of people, to the Emergency Medical Bay. Carrying oxygen tank, basket stretcher, first aid bag and F&B to the top of the Batu Caves. Also did search and rescue to find a victim.

Doing medical cover at three different places. The riverside, the plaza and the Dark Cave. Little time to rest.

Climb up the stairs of Batu Caves, entered the Dark Cave, and giving first aid support there, where it is the hot and crucial spot for people to get sick.

Collaborate with doctors, nurses from various hospitals, Medical College Students, qSt John Ambulance, to save people's life. Life is precious. Every life matters. Not forgetting the other agencies as well such as PDRM, Fire Rescue etc.

What an experience I had experienced today. Experience that cannot be bought anywhere.

I am glad that I am still able to help people in need.

Happy Thaipusam to my Indian friends.

Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia tetap di hati, setia sampai mati.

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