Red Crescent Red Cross (RCRC) Education & International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Course

1 July 2018.
UCSI University, South Wing, Block C.
8.30am - 5.00pm.

Today, I attended a Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC) Certificate Course. The course that I took and undergo was International Humanitarian Law or also known as IHL.

Learned and grasped so many information and knowledge today such as :
The differences between ICRC (International Committee Of Red Cross) and IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies). And then,
The Geneva Convention I, II, III and IV,
Geneva Additional Protocol I, II and III,
The History Behind The Battle Of Solferino in 1859,
Vietnam War 1954 - 1975.
Solferino War As The Origin Of ICRC Establishment,
Sir Henry Dunant and The Committee Of Five. General Henri Dufour,
The History Of The Red Cross, Red Crescent, Red Sun & Lion and Red Crystal,
Malaysian Red Crescent,
The RCRC Movement,
And many more.

After class session, we had an examination in order to eligible for us to get the certs.
Everything went well.

Waiting for results in month's time. Like waiting for a final examination results

Invaluable information learnt today. Looking forward for another course.

I am proud to be in MRC family, today and always be.

#BSMMPetaling #MRCInMyHeart @ UCSI University

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