Due Date Bertingkat-Tingkat

15/7/2020: Dissertation Final Draft Submission
17/7/2020: Final Exam Online
18/7/2020: Final Exam Online
20/7/2020: Dissertation Presentation
21/7/2020: Dissertation Presentation
10/8/2020: Dissertation Full Submission

A very hectic schedule. You work during daylight, and you need arrange time for study commitment at night till midnight, almost every single day.

There will be a day where you are exhausted and burnout. However, the desire to complete the master's degree is still in tact. The motivation drive is still strong.

I will sit for an online final exam tomorrow. I will also need to make preparation for ViVA presentation this upcoming Monday or Tuesday.

Wish us (my classmate and I) luck.

Last semester, last final exam, last ride, last shot as a final semester postgraduate master student.


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