Dulu Saya Tak Berani Cakap Depan Orang Ramai

Communication is a continuous process of learning. If not being practiced, then it will slowly fade away.

During my lower secondary school times, I couldn't speak well in front of the people, even in front of my classmates. I would prefer speak to the wall rather than speak to them.

This case was verified by my English Teacher @aishamanan during Report Card Day, where she spoke to my father, "Azeem ni pemalu orangnya. Kalau kepala dia boleh masuk bawah  laci meja, memang dia masuk dah". Yeah, it is true

Since that, I took a challenge to challenge myself to become a person that can talk in front of people. Today, here I am, a public speaker. Never thought I became one though (Meskipun sebenarnya banyak lagi perkara yang saya kena belajar). Any how, I believe practice makes perfect, and we need to increase our knowledge from time to time.

I am grateful for the opportunities given by my teachers, whom saw the potential in me. SMKS 19 was my training ground, and I am forever in debt.
This is my story. I believe it is never too late to make changes Lets upgrade ourselves for a better life and future.

#Throwback #2012 #2018 #SMKS19 #UiTMN9 #UiTMDiHatiku @ Shah Alam, Malaysia

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