Luahan Cabaran Master + Kerja

Being enrolled in one of the toughest UiTM Master's Degree programme, is a daring step taken by me.

Executive Master in Administrative Science (EMAS), is a very challenging programme, where we have coursework plus research, as a pre-requisite or part of task to be fulfilled for us to graduate. Totally different from degree and diploma times.

Currently I am working as an officer, as well as pursuing my studies as a postgraduate student, and it makes the journey more challenging than ever.

There are times where I think that I should quit either my study or my career, due to the difficulties that I had to sustain both of these priority, not yet including my priorities towards my family, my meaningful person and myself.

Somehow, I still survive today, with support from my family, my important person, my fellow best friends, and my self-motivation.

This week, UiTM has started final examination paper. My Allah ease our way in going through this final exam with ease, peace and determination, so that we can obtain flying colours.

The time has come, for me to rise again, repeating the journey of excellence that I managed to secure during my diploma era.


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