Welcome To The Retirement Club, Sulaiman

Welcome to the Retirement Club, Sulaiman.
Officially, Former MPP UiTM Negeri Sembilan.

Congratulations and good job on serving your responsibility as NYDP MPP.

You did what you could along your tenure and journey. Most importantly, you played your role as a student leader, bridging the gap between student and UiTM, at the same time, upholding student empowerment and welfare to its best.

Being a student leader is not easy. Norms of being a leader is people don't always like you, and there are people who hate you. Sometimes your ally does against you. We cannot satisfy all peoples' needs, but we can do what's the best for them via strategy, research, demand and supply.

During in-charge, we both have our challenges and limitations, but we made it. We survived the turbulence and the chaotic moment. We managed to create something out of nothing, and something with scarcity of resources that is taken into consideration.

I'm proud of you Sulaiman. Good job. Keep on equipping yourself with knowledge, skills, ability and experience.

Remember Kak @sarahmokhtar16 and my advice yesterday, as it may open a new perspective for you to think and make decisions.

Till we meet next time my little brother. Arsenal always in my heart even though currently Arsenal are undergoing a moment of crisis. Hehe.

Any how, goodluck Liverpool for this season. We'll see whether Liverpool can follow the step of Arsenal Invincibles or not.

Every season is full of dramatic occasion. We'll about this one. Hahahah.

An Arsenal Fan,
Former Yang di-Pertua - YDP,
MPP UiTM Negeri Sembilan,
Sesi 2017/18.

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