Realiti Sedih Mencari Kerja Zaman Sekarang

Attended job interview with Institut Keusahawanan Negara (INSKEN) today.
Alhamdulillah the session went well. At least I tried my best.

Since I left my old workplace back in June 2019 due to major company crisis, I had applied for about 288 job applications, attended 51 walk-in interviews and scheduled interviews.

The job that I applied was not limited to a job that related to my education background only which is Administrative Science & Policy Studies. Amongst the job that I applied was as the Security Guard, Waiter, Fast Food Worker, Retail Associate, Graphic Designer, Videographer, Telesales, Tutor, Factory Worker, Operator, Customer Service and many more.

Still, I didn't manage to land a job. It shows that it is really hard to get a job nowadays. The economic turbulence, the arrival of Industrial Revolution 4.0 technology also considered as the primary factor.

Even though you're an active person, obtained many achievements and awards, have particular set of skills, and possess vast experience in certain field, it does not become a key factor anymore in getting a job.

Most of the time, I was considered overqualified, even though I already told them that I can cope with the salary and conditions stated.

I went for resume checking with Career Experts. All of them said my resume is excellent enough. Same goes to my CV. Dress code? Checked. Presentation wise? Checked. Professional Linkedin Profile? Checked.

Sometimes, I don't know what is the criteria that employees trying to look for.

I remember this one Career Expert said before in one of the programme I attended. He said about networking. Yeah, maybe that is one more thing that I need to do; strengthen and broaden it.

Being unemployed for 8 months is a big deal for me. Thank God I have my own business which is AZAR Productions, which at least, help me with some side income. Profit? Not too many, not too less, just enough for me to sustain a basic living.

Maybe I should focus on my business. I already think about it, but slowly and steadily. Do follow my FB page, AZAR Productions, and my IG @azarproductions.

Sometimes, I will do another business which is Cleaning Services with Zadsmart Enterprise. Yes, I do go and clean offices, for the sake of finding money through hardship.

Sometimes, maybe luck is not on our side.

I believe that, there's always a silver lining in every bad happening. There's also a silver lining in every cloud. Allah save the best moment and decision for us, and He will grant it on the right time.

May Allah bless all of us. Only He knows what's the best for us after all

Goodluck for all job seekers out there. You're not alone. Do your best and never give up.

Maybe it is time for all of us to check our relationship with God too

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