New Chapter: Chef Kecik Kitchen

New beginning. Wider scope. New challenges. New opportunities.

First day at work.

Multimedia & Design. Corporate Branding. Chef Kecik Kitchen.

Anyway, what is Chef Kecik Kitchen?

Chef Kecik (or Petite Chef) Kitchen started its operation in 2015 by a guy who used to just baking at home. At first, demands only came from close friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues and eventually continue to grow until today.

Through the word-of-mouth recommendations and networks, Chef Kecik Kitchen is now known as a brand for its cakes and cookies. Our aim is to ensure our customers’ satisfactions are fulfilled and they will be able to enjoy our specially handmade pieces. We also hope to bring this goodness not only to children but also adults.

Apart from that, Chef Kecik Kitchen also loves to share recipes with our Instagram followers, with the hope that everyone will be able to taste their own homemade, handcrafted cakes and cookies. Or even better, they can start their own baking business.

My job here is to boost corporate branding of the company. May Allah ease the way.

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